Measures to verify consumer reviews on

Any actual experience related to the purchase or use of a service of a participating company can be rated with up to 5 stars. The ratings refer to experiences that do not date back more than 6 months at the time of the rating submission. An overall rating is then calculated from the simple average of the rating scores of all verified ratings and the imported ratings. In comments, customers share their experiences in their own words.

ProvenExpert does not offer any benefits, special conditions, discounts or other incentives for submitting a positive review or withdrawing a negative review.

There is no censorship on the part of ProvenExpert before publication of the consumer reviews.

After publication, the profile owner has the option to demand the deletion of negative reviews if they contradict the terms of use, in particular if they are unobjective or contain defamatory criticism. Alternatively, he/she can set negative reviews to invisible. In this case, ProvenExpert informs the user that the profile does not show all published reviews of the profile owner.

Grade calculation on the basis of the star rating

4.5 to 5 stars: EXCELLENT
3.5 to 4.49 stars: GOOD
2.5 to 3.49 stars: AVERAGE
1.5 to 2.49 stars: FAIR
1 to 1.49 stars: POOR

Measures for the verification of ratings

ProvenExpert has taken various measures in its rating system to ensure that the published ratings only come from consumers who have actually used or purchased the goods or services (hereinafter "verified ratings").

How does ProvenExpert ensure that the reviews are genuine?

Technical measures:
ProvenExpert uses various technical measures to ensure that email invitations to submit reviews are only sent to those email addresses that can be individually assigned to consumers who have previously made a purchase of a good or service.
Consumers who have purchased goods or services from ProvenExpert profile holders receive a review invitation by email from the respective profile holder after the purchase to the email address provided by the consumer at the time of purchase. Via the link in the email, a rating can be submitted about the purchase actually made.

In addition, consumers have the opportunity to submit their ratings via a tablet on site in selected shops. Here, too, it is technically ensured that only the respective concrete purchase transactions can be rated.

At the same time, further reference data on the purchase is collected in all cases in order to ensure a secure allocation of the ratings to the previous purchase of goods or services from ProvenExpert profile holders.

Manual measures:
Further manual measures are also used to check that only those customers who have also purchased the product or used the service submit reviews.

To ensure that the authenticity of the rating and its legitimacy can be verified, ratings cannot be submitted without providing the individual email address. The e-mail address through which the purchase was made always serves as a verifiable reference for the rating submission.

In the case of anomalies or indications that suggest that the rating is not based on experience, despite the above-mentioned technical measures, proof of the legitimacy of the rating submitted will be requested and checked accordingly in the so-called arbitration procedure in the event of a complaint by the profile owner. If the requested evidence cannot prove the purchase of the goods or the use of the services, the ratings will be deleted.

Notes on special cases:
Imported reviews – In the case of these reviews, we do not ensure that all reviews come from consumers who have actually used or purchased the goods or services. Therefore, these ratings are also shown separately as imported ratings when displaying the overall rating score.